More Exercises on Subject Verb Agreement

As a writer, it is important to understand the rules of subject verb agreement in order to effectively communicate your message to your readers. A sentence with incorrect subject verb agreement can make your text confusing and difficult to understand, so exercising your knowledge of the topic is essential. Here are some additional exercises to help you master subject verb agreement:

1. Identify the subject and verb in the following sentences. Choose the correct verb tense based on subject-verb agreement:

a. The students (is/are) preparing for the exam.

b. The coffee and donuts (was/were) delicious.

c. Neither the teacher nor the students (knows/know) the answer.

d. The book on the shelf (belongs/belong) to me.

2. Rewrite the following sentences to correct errors in subject verb agreement:

a. The team of experts were disagreeing on the best approach.

b. Each of the girls likes pizza.

c. The crowd of people were cheering loudly.

d. The committee have not made a decision yet.

3. Choose the correct verb form to complete the following sentences:

a. The singer, along with his band, (is/are) performing later tonight.

b. The group of puppies (makes/make) a lot of noise in the morning.

c. One of the students (is/are) responsible for cleaning up the classroom.

d. The fear of heights (prevent/prevents) some people from flying.

4. Read the following sentences and determine if they properly demonstrate subject verb agreement:

a. The family, along with their pets, enjoy a good hike on the weekends.

b. Neither the cat nor the dog seem interested in the new toy.

c. The list of items on the agenda is extensive.

d. The pair of shoes needs to be replaced soon.

By practicing these exercises, you can gain a better understanding of subject verb agreement and improve your writing skills. Paying attention to the relationship between the subject and verb in your sentences can greatly enhance the clarity and effectiveness of your writing.

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